Actor Demo Reel Creation Services

One of the hardest things about being a new actor is booking roles.

But how can you book roles with no experience?

How can you get experience if you don't book roles?

Well, that's what demo reel creation services were made for!

What You'll Receive:


Custom Script Tailored to Your Needs & Acting Experience/Level


One-On-One Professional Coaching & Rehearsal For Your Scene(s)


Professionally Shot, Directed & Edited Video Footage For Your Reel

How It Works:

STEP 1: Fill Out The Form Below.

STEP 2: Upon receipt of your form, we'll contact you to schedule a FREE Zoom consultation, where we'll discuss your acting experience, goals and the types of roles you wish to pursue. Once you've confirmed that you want to move forward, we'll send a Services Agreement, along with a Deposit Request. 

STEP 3: After our services have been confirmed, you'll receive a custom written script for your scene(s), plus scheduling for rehearsals and shoot dates(s).

Afterward shooting wraps, you'll be sent your professionally edited scene(s) via WeTransfer within roughly 2 weeks.

Rates to be provided upon completion of your FREE Zoom consultation.

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