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Meet Dania Denise

Founder & Creative Director

Being a professional actor/model/VO artist/host/emcee in the entertainment industry for the past 25+ years, it was only a matter of time before Dania knew she wanted to add the roles of writer, director, producer and editor to her list of job titles.


After co-founding and setting up several indie film production companies, she took everything she learned and poured it into her first solo endeavor: Runaway Mill Productions.

The ultimate goal at Runaway Mill Productions is to tell stories, create worlds and build characters whose voices don't always reflect what's considered the norm...and make that the new normal.

Our Work

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All Videos

All Videos
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Director Reel

Director Reel

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The Queens of Chocolate Chip

The Queens of Chocolate Chip

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The Making of "Yvonne Speaks"

The Making of "Yvonne Speaks"

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Runaway Mill Productions On Instagram

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(adj.) A phrase in use since the early 20th century.

1. Not outstanding in 
   quality or rarity.
2. Average.
3. Ordinary.

Runaway Mill

(adj.) An updated phrase representing the future.

1. Outstanding.
2. Above average.
3. Extraordinary.
4. Anything BUT run-of-the-mill.

It all starts with a screenplay.

Drama, comedy, satire, thrillers and all the fun stuff in between. We enjoy narrative storytelling and fleshing out unique, interesting, quirky ideas, characters and story arcs.

Once the story is locked in, the fun comes with pre-production: casting, location scouting, hiring crew, creating production schedules and the other essentials required to bring a film to fruition.

What We Do


Shoot dates, long hours, problem solving, teamwork, lots of BTS, crafty and making movie magic is what we were made for.

Utilizing locations many don't know about, we're able to set characters up in worlds that don't require taking a trip across the country to achieve. Much of the production value and beauty we showcase is right in our own backyard.

The same goes for our talent base and crew. By building working partnerships with local, fellow creatives, everyone stays on the same page and shares the same passion to produce quality results everyone will be proud of.


We're just as comfortable sitting in front of a monitor editing footage as we are running things behind the camera.

Nothing brings the final product together than post-production editing. 

In addition to the finished film, post-production also means creating social media content filled with BTS goodness, mini featurettes and other tidbits that allow audiences to follow each film's journey from screenplay to premiere.

Consider our projects an All-Access Pass to how indie films are really made.


Contact Us

Crew? Talent? Writer? Potential client? Drop us a line & let's see what we can create together!

Thanks for submitting!

Based in Northern California, USA
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